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Zuke's is a company devoted to making healthy, affordable treats and chews using top-quality ingredients and formulas that reflect the latest scientific developments in animal wellness and nutrition. Zuke's dog and cat treats are made with care and are inspired by the unconditional love we receive from our pets as well as our crew's devotion to an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Made in the USA All our dog and cat treats are made in the USA. All meats, grains, fruits and vegetables are sourced in the USA, with the exception of lamb and venison, which are supplied from New Zealand.

Wheat, Corn and Soy Free Many dogs have allergies to these common pet food ingredients, not Zuke's, our treats are hypoallergenic. All of our cat and dog treat recipes contain no wheat, no corn and no soy which means better digestion and a healthier and happier pet.

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Hip Action Cats Salmon 5.00 (1 reviews) 0% off retail $4.38 Zuke's
Hip Action Cats Salmon 3 Ounces