When we came together to create Zenergize, we set out to revolutionize the beverage category. Our vision was to create 100% natural, great tasting, on-the-go nutritional beverages with all the good stuff (vitamins and nutrients), and none of the bad stuff (sugar and calories), and that you could enjoy anytime, anywhere. All of the hard work paid off and we achieved our goal of combining the best of nutritional science with great tasting beverages... So, welcome to the world of Zenergize Vitamin InfuZed Drink Tabs.

Launched at the end of Summer 2007, Zenergize is changing the way people think about healthy beverages. Why drink so-called "enhanced" beverages with few vitamins and nutrients and tons of sugar and calories, when you can drop a Zenergize tab in your water and have a nutrient-packed drink with no sugar and only 2 calories (oh, and did we mention that effervescent tabs deliver 30% more effective and faster absorption into your body than normal pills and beverages!)? Our convenient tube of 10 DrinkTabs allows you to enjoy a nutritional beverage anytime, anywhere (try carrying 10 drinks in your pocket...it's just no fun!).

We promise to pack only the best nutrition and natural ingredients into every one of our Zenergize DrinkTabs. Whether you need a healthy energy pick-me-up with our Zenergize Energy+, an electrolyte replenishment with our Zenergize Hydrate, or any one of our other nutrient-packed DrinkTabs, you can be sure that you'll be getting a great tasting beverage InfuZed with all the nutrients you need...and none of the stuff you don't.

So, evolve your beverage - Zenergize your Water...InfuZe your Life

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