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Wise Ways Herbals

Wise Ways Herbals has been in business for seventeen years. Wise Ways strives to provide herbal formulas that enhance physical, emotional, and spirtiual well-being. Wise Ways Herbals has a large selection of products that cater to the body, both internally and externally. The Wise Ways ingredients are all-natural and of the highest quality. Wise Ways offers body powders, massage oils, Bug Ease, Clear Lungs, Smoke Free, herbal extract oils, skin care, soaps, and much more! Wise Ways has the personal care product you need to enhance your well-being.

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Bath Crystals Hot Springs 9% off retail $10.08 Wise Ways Herbals
Bath Crystals Hot Springs 16 Ounces
Bath Crystals Peaceful Waters 9% off retail $10.08 Wise Ways Herbals
Bath Crystals Peaceful Waters 16 Ounces
Bath Salts Angelic Waters 22% off retail $8.61 Wise Ways Herbals
Bath Salts Angelic Waters 16 Ounces
Detox Bath Crystals 14% off retail $11.17 $0.50 Shipping Fee Wise Ways Herbals
Detox Bath Crystals 16 Ounces
Merry Mother Sitz Bath 30% off retail $4.79 Wise Ways Herbals
Merry Mother Sitz Bath 3 Ounces