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Willard Water

Thirty years ago, Dr. John Willard discovered a way to alter the molecular structure of water. The resulting solution, now known as catalyst altered water, has been used to improve personal health, accelerate the healing process, increase agriculture production ...even remove stubborn stains. The claims may seem unbelievable, but the results have been documented. If you are not familiar with our product, we encourage you to further explore the official Willard Water website. We believe that you will come to the same conclusion as our customers -- Willard Water works.

One of the questions often asked about Willard Water is, "What is the difference between Dr. Willard's Water (Clear) and Dr. Willard's Water XXX (Dark)?" Actually, there is very little difference between the two products. Both contain the same ingredients and can be used interchangeably.

The difference lies in the amounts of the ingredients used. Dr. Willard's Water XXX contains approximately one half the amount of the basic patented catalyst as Dr. Willard's Water (Clear). However, Dr. Willard's Water XXX contains activated carbon, amino acid, organic trace minerals and other desireable ingredients obtained from lignite (the fossilized remains of plants grown over 50 million years ago.)

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