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Weleda’s name comes from the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing. Much of the product is cultivated in Biodynamic gardens. The company has spread around the world from Switzerland. Weleda believes that natural ingredients provide what your body needs to be vibrant, beautiful and healthy.

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Creamy Wild Rose Body Wash 37% off retail $7.51 Weleda
Creamy Wild Rose Body Wash 7.20 Ounces
Firming Serum Pomegranate 36% off retail $28.68 Weleda
Firming Serum Pomegranate 1 Ounces
Sea Buckthorn Body Wash 21% off retail $9.46 Weleda
Sea Buckthorn Body Wash 7.20 Ounces
Skin Food 41% off retail $7.41 Weleda
Skin Food 1 Ounces