Warm Whiskers

Warm Whiskers is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals by providing a product line that promotes relaxation, stress and tension relief, and comfort for the body and soul. We not only pride ourselves on the quality and functionality of our products, but also on providing exceptional customer service.

Established in 2000, Warm Whiskers is the industry leader of animal-shaped herbal heating pads that may also be frozen. Warm Whiskers are all designed with extraordinary attention to detail and are made with premium grains, herbs, and fabric. Warm Whiskers includes items to comfort children and pets as well.

If you are looking for an unforgettably unique gift that soothes both body *and* spirit, your search is over! Warm Whiskers are commonly referred to as, "the best gifts money can buy." Unlike the typical heating pad, our creations are designed to retain heat longer and closely hug the contours of your body, enveloping you in moist, rejuvenating warmth and the calming aroma of lavender. Warm Whiskers products are available in an adorable array of animal incarnations as well as luxurious, silk spa designs. No other effective heat therapy line pleases the senses and heart quite like Warm Whiskers.

The charming beauty and unparalleled efficacy of their design make our heating pads perfect gifts for her, but once he experiences the restorative powers of a Warm Whiskers creation, he will most assuredly want one of his own! An infinitely pleasing yet practical gift for woman, man, child, or pet, a present from Warm Whiskers is sure to enchant the body and soul for years to come.