Arginine is an amino acid made by the body and found in protein foods. Arginine is not considered to be an essential amino acid, one that is required in the diet. Researchers have discovered though that some people many benefit from increasing their intake of arginine because they are not able to produce enough to meet their body’s requirements. During times of trauma and wound healing the body needs significantly more arginine than otherwise required. The best dietary sources of arginine are meat, nuts, eggs, milk and cheese. Current research has identified a number of possible clinical applications were arginine supplementation may be helpful. Studies suggest that high doses of arginine can inhibit oxidation of LDL, the so-called "bad" cholesterol. Arginine may play a role in enhancing the production of hormones that stimulate growth and development. Related studies suggest that arginine may increase lean muscle mass and total strength. It may also increase the mobility of sperm. Arginine may also support wound healing and support the immune system. It has been found to promote the synthesis of nitric oxide.

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