No Sponge Left Behind

Not too long ago, we took a closer look at the sponges in our kitchen and realized something profound. Almost every other product in the cleaning aisle has undergone some kind of evolution, while sponges have been the same for decades. We set out to turn the world of cleaning products on its head – combining design and environmental responsibility to create functional, beautiful, and responsible alternatives.

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Cleaning Loofah Sponge 94% off retail $3.49 Twist
Cleaning Loofah Sponge 2 Ounces
Dish Dumpling 94% off retail $3.04 Twist
Dish Dumpling 1 Count
Euro Cleaning Sponge 4.00 (1 reviews) 29% off retail $1.56 Twist
Euro Cleaning Sponge 1.30 Ounces
Euro Sponge Cloth 34% off retail $2.83 Twist
Euro Sponge Cloth
Loofah Scrubby 94% off retail $2.83 Twist
Loofah Scrubby 1 Count
Naked Sponge Medium 30% off retail $2.84 Twist
Naked Sponge Medium 2 Pieces
Naked Sponge, Large 31% off retail $2.55 Twist
Naked Sponge, Large 1 Count
Ravioli Scrubby 24% off retail $2.11 Twist
Ravioli Scrubby 1 Count
Sponge Blossoms 34% off retail $3.64 Twist
Sponge Blossoms 4 Count