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Every company has a set of standards that situates them apart to other competing companies or adversaries. Thorne Research is known for the quality, purity and integrity of its products. It all began in 1984 in Seattle, Washington and has been in the business ever since. Thorne has earned the solid trust and approval of thousands of health-care practitioners all over the world. Thorne’s reputation precedes itself. It’s not through various marketing and advertising strategies that it has become known for but due to the fair analysis and endorsement of health-care practitioners worldwide. They have seen that Thorne’s highest quality nutrients provide positive results to their patients.

Thorne has introduced a wide variety of products. Some of which are obtained from a shellfish source and ingredients of a few products are soy, yeast, or rice but none contain corn, wheat, gluten or nuts. All soft gel capsules are taken from fish gelatin and all the hard two-piece capsules are vegetarian. Thorne uses capsules on its dietary supplements since they present major benefits compared to tablets. Tablets need to have other ingredients not just the nutrients to incorporate but make them glossy and to make the tablets easier to break. There are indicators on the product labels and in the naming of every product and its warnings as well. Thorne makes it a point to get the GMO status of any new element offered to the company and pay for non- GMO plant-based ingredient.

Thorne has a series of bariatric formula targeting the well-being of bariatric patients. It has the Medipro Bariatric with activated B vitamins for best bioavailability which comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Meriva is newly introduced in the market by Thorne which supports the body’s normal inflammatory reaction and provides better incorporation compared to other curcumin extracts. There is also the mood-boosting Deproloft-HF and the Q Best 50 which is formerly known as Q-Cell that is best demonstrated to possess the finest absorption quality among CoQ10 forms. It also has a new product which is the Q Best 100 in fish gelatin gel caps. It promotes normal cardio-vascular function and improves blood vessel function as well. Another brilliant idea of Thorne was to come up with handy detoxification packets suitable for those who are engaging in an intensive workout and on cleansing and weight-loss programs. There is another addition to Thorne products to the delight of the fitness and performance clients of Thorne who are working their way to build muscles during training. They come in protein powders, are vegan friendly and soy and gluten free. The Whey Protein Isolate comes in powder form, provides 21 grams of protein which is GMO and hormone free while Vegalite, the company’s fresh and tasty protein powder gives 23 grams of rice and pea protein mix. Vegalite is a good whey protein substitute for vegetarians, vegans and for those who have gluten or dairy intolerance. Both products are in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Thorne got a lot of requests for these products and eventually they came to materialize due to the demands of the consumers which are heard of by the company itself.

Thorne made sure to direct the needs of every consumer in the market. In fact, it has formulated a very handy daily nutrient packet for expectant and nursing mothers. The Daily Nutrients Prenatal Packet is a complete nutritional supplement created with expectant and lactating mothers in mind. Thorne prides itself in formulating none of the preservatives and coverings which the usual prenatal tablets have.

Thorne Research believes in serving quality supplements at an affordable price. It ships internationally and also has distributors in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and all over North America. For inquiries and more information about Thorne products, Dr. J. Montague, our chiropractor owner is glad to be of service. Dr Montague was a regular attendee of Dr Jeffrey Bland seminars and is now a professional chiropractor trained in nutrition, acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology. Just click on Dr. Montague for any questions related on Thorne products.

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