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Swiss Kriss

Swiss Kriss is a line of herbal laxatives formulated to help fight off constipation. Swiss Kriss combines the finest natural ingredients to provide the body with essential nutrients necessary for proper functioning. Swiss Kriss comes in tablet or bulk form to fit personal preferences. Swiss Kriss is the perfect way to achieve relief and reviatlize your system.

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Laxative 35% off retail $5.00 Swiss Kriss
Laxative 120 Tablets
60 Servings
Laxative Bulk $6.15 Swiss Kriss
Laxative Bulk 1.50 Ounces
Laxative Bulk 4.00 (1 reviews) 40% off retail $5.96 Swiss Kriss
Laxative Bulk 3.25 Ounces
Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative 41% off retail $9.51 Swiss Kriss
Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative 250 Tablets
125 Servings