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Radius is proud to introduce the Intelligent toothbrush. Radius, using innovative technology, has the perfect toothbrush to help you maintain your teeth. Radius offers a toothbrush, along with replacement heads, that fulfills dental requirements. Most dentists recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day and to change bristles once they are worn. The Intelligent toothbrush has a timer that flashes a green light every thirty seconds while brushing and a two minuter time to let you know when time is up. The green light changes to red after ninety days to remind you to check the bristles. The replaceable head allows for an easy and comfortable switch. Radius makes brushing easy and efficient. The handles are appropriate for both left and right hand use. Try Radius and enhance your smile!

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Kidz Toothbrush - Right (colors vary) 38% off retail $3.09 Radius
Kidz Toothbrush - Right
Pure Baby Toothbrush (Colors Vary) 33% off retail $2.66 Radius
Pure Baby Toothbrush 1 Toothbrush