Alkaline Minerals 7.94 Ounces (225 g)

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Alkaline Minerals 7.94 Ounces (225 g)

by pHion Balance

  • • 30 servings
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•Contains the 5 primary alkaline minerals

•With Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese and Iron

•Helps replenish mineral reserves and buffer excess acids

•Contains a proprietary form of Organic Calcium

•Contains Vitamin d for improved Calcium uptake

•With Phosphorous for better Calcium absorption

•Virtually tasteless for easy mixing into any drink of choice

Reasons to Buy:

•Neutralizes harmful acids. pHion Alkaline Minerals contains all five primary alkaline minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron. Once these mineral buffers hit the system, they neutralize excess acids.

•Features calcium from organic whey. The calcium in pHion Alkaline Minerals is derived from organic whey powder, making it perhaps the only organic-source calcium on the market.

•Easy to take. Best of all, pHion Alkaline Minerals completely dissolves in water and tastes great so it’s easy to incorporate into your diet.

•Replenishes mineral reserves. When taken on a daily basis, pHion Alkaline Minerals will go beyond just neutralizing the acids in your system. It will help you build up your mineral reserves so you have a ready supply of minerals on-hand when needed.

•Formulated for optimal absorption. In addition to the five alkaline mineral buffers, pHion Alkaline Minerals includes the perfect amount of phosphorous, a co-nutrient of calcium, to ensure optimal calcium absorption.

Product Ingredients:

The five alkaline mineral buffers in pHion Alkaline Minerals include:

- Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is also one of the most alkalizing. Research has shown that our unique form of whey calcium is more bioavailable — i. E. Better absorbed and utilized — than other calcium ingredients, making it a superior calcium choice.

- Magnesium is another crucial mineral that helps restore proper pH Balance. In addition to its alkalizing effect, magnesium is vital in assisting calcium and potassium uptake. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get enough magnesium through the diet. In fact, a recent study found that a full 68 percent of Americans consume less than the RDA of magnesium — and 19 percent consume less than 50 percent. Potassium is an electrolyte critical in maintaining proper acid-alkaline balance.

- Potassium is highly concentrated inside the cells, while its partner, sodium, is highly concentrated outside the cells. It is their perfect ratio that maintains fluid and electrolyte balance. In caveman days, our potassium intake was seven times higher than our salt intake. These days, we’ve gone completely out of balance, with sodium intake tripling that of potassium. Manganese is one of the unsung minerals. But just because it doesn’t get as much press as calcium, magnesium, and potassium doesn’t mean it’s not important. Like “the big three,” manganese supplies alkaline buffers that neutralize acids in the system.

- Manganese is needed for numerous enzymes, so it is a required trace mineral for all living things.

- Iron, as you probably know, is necessary to carry oxygen in the blood. This is of crucial importance for people who have trouble metabolizing acids, since they cannot oxidize volatile acids properly. Vitamin D3 is produced in skin exposed to sunlight, specifically ultraviolet, b radiation. We have included Vitamin D3 for its’ ability to increases the flow of calcium into the bloodstream by: stimulating osteoclastic resorption of calcium from bone, facilitating the effect that parathyroid hormone has on calcium resorption from bone, increasing kidney tubular absorption of calcium, and increasing calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

- pHion Alkaline Minerals also features Phosphorous, which is necessary for calcium uptake. Its inclusion helps ensure that your body actually absorbs the calcium in this formula. It also serves another role: Phosphorous binds to acids in the kidneys creating a substance called phosphoric acid. This acid is then excreted via the urine. Through this buffering method, the kidneys reduce the degree of acidity in the bodily fluids.

Serving Size

1 Teaspoon (7.5 g), 30 servings per container



Other Ingredients

Natural Orange Flavor, Inulin Fiber, Luo Han Guo. (Siraitia grosvenorli).

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