Day and Night Eyes 90 Tablets

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Day and Night Eyes 90 Tablets

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Of our many senses, vision may be the most important of all. The information we absorb each day with our eyes helps shape our perspectives of the world we live in.

For most of us, good vision is a key element in our professional recreational lives. But for some reason, people don’t place enough emphasis on maintaining healthy eyes. The nutritional needs of the eyes are ignored and neglected, and that can lead to more severe problems.

How do we combat continuous eyes fatigue, dryness and sensitivity to light? What can improve our night vision or offset the effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays?

The eye is a complex mechanism that has nutritional requirements of its own. And while nutrition won’t make the corrections to the vision that glasses do, it will help your eyes deal with poor night visions, photosensitivity, xerosis, fatigue and irritation.

Within the eye, light rays come to focus in the retina, which is involved in night, day and color vision. The retina requires vitamin a (from Beta-Carotene) to form the photoreceptor pigments necessary for this process.

Within the rods of the retina there is the substance, Rhodopsin, commonly called “visual purple”, which is a pigment necessary for good night vision.

The formation of visual purple requires nutrients such as beta-carotene, zinc and riboflavin, and is also greatly enhanced by plant pigments called anthocyanocides. These reddish-purple pigments occur in abundance in Blueberry Leaf, and they aid the photosensitivity (reaction to light) of the eyes. Anthocyanocides also strengthen the capillaries in the eyes and help your eyes see more with light.

Nutrients like calcium and vitamin d also play important rolls in proper eye maintenance. Together with other vitamins and minerals, they help keep your conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that lines the eyelids) moist and lubricated.

Luckily, daily nutritional maintenance of your eyes has been made easy with Day & Night Eyes. This exclusive formula from Arizona Natural provides the vitamins, minerals and herbs most needed by the eyes. *

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