Flor-Essence Liquid 17 Ounces

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Flor-Essence Liquid 17 Ounces

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Flor • Essence® Herbal Tea Blend

Gentle detox for the whole body. Purifies the blood, kidneys, liver, lungs, colon & deepest cells.

In this modern world our health is confronted with numerous challenges. Exposure to toxic substances such as chemicals, pesticides, food preservatives, car exhaust and tobacco can, over time, transform healthy cells into abnormal cells that may lead to chronic problems. Each year the average American consumes more than four pounds of chemical preservatives and food additives. This year alone, it is estimated that around 170,000 premature deaths will result from tobacco use. And air pollution levels in our largest cities have far overshot regulatory standards.

6 stages of deterioration in the body

As toxins and free radicals accumulate, their presence triggers a breakdown in the body – a progression of events that, if unchecked, leads to serious health problems. Each one of these events, or stages of disease, is accompanied by noticeable physical symptoms.

1 lack of energy

Energy levels are directly impacted by nutrition and the body's ability to break down and absorb the nutrients contained in food. Food that is not broken down properly, poorly absorbed, or low in nutritional value leaves us feeling tired, sluggish and unrested: "Failure to properly digest food leaves it to putrefy and ferment, turning it into toxic substances that pass from the blood into tissues. "(i)This undigested food (called chyme) becomes encrusted on intestinal walls, further obstructing the absorption ofnutrients and depleting the body of energy.

2 accumulation of toxins

Poor digestion, constipation and irregular bowel movements are signs that the body is not disposing of waste properly, leading to an accumulation of toxins. A bowel movement once or less per day is cause for concern (a baby has a bowel movement soon after it has finished feeding). This accumulation of toxins causes damage at the cellular level.

3 irritation

Rising levels of toxic material in the body cause irritation both internally and externally. The warning signs are itchy or irritated skin, rashes, nausea, insomnia or mood swings. These are signals that the body's elimination pathways are not working properly and are no longer able to effectively remove toxins and waste.

4 inflammation

This stage is marked by the presence of pain and visible swelling. Inflammation occurs if there is constant irritation to areas where toxins continue to accumulate. This stage is a precursor to serious damage.

5 ulceration

Ulcers occur in localized areas of the body where high levels of stored toxins destroy the cells and tissues around them. Increased pain is felt at this stage, as nerves are now exposed when tissue ulcerates.

6 hardening of tissue

To keep toxins from spreading outside of the ulcerated areas, the body fills in the ulcers with scar tissue. This toxic material is now encased in a sack of hardened tissue. "The sack is what we refer to as a tumor. ," says author Harvey Diamond. (ii) This is the last stage where the body still has control of its cells. If nothing is done at this point, cells begin to mutate.

Purify • detoxify

Optimum health is based on sound nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient rest and the body's ability to purify and detoxify itself of toxins and waste. While all of these factors are important, purification and detoxification are vital for gathering toxins and waste, and removing this material from the body. Most toxins are filtered first by the liver, and then eliminated from the body's other organs, bloodstream and elimination pathways. Insufficient detoxification in any one of these areas causes the liver to become overloaded, diminishing its ability to cleanse, and further impairing the elimination process. This greatly increases the chance of serious health problems, and is a direct cause of premature degeneration of the body.

The body performs the tasks of detoxification daily. Often it is not able to keep up with the toxins, waste and free radicals that accumulate due to outside influences such as pollution, heavy metals, poor drinking water, and unhealthy dietary choices. This makes the process of purification and detoxification our responsibility, as the body cannot effectively do the job without help in the form of a detoxifier.

flor•essence gently deals with toxins

Flor • Essence® has earned worldwide respect as a gentle yet powerful detoxifying and revitalizing formula. Most other cleansing kits aggressively remove accumulated waste with often harsh side-effects and rarely deal with toxins that infiltrate all our organs and tissues. Flor • Essence® liquid gently flushes toxic residue from the kidneys, liver, lungs, colon, bloodstream and deepest cells.

The active components in the herbs contained in Flor • Essence® also improve digestion and cleanse the intestinal organs, gently removing 'sludge' that prevents full absorption of vital nutrients. Strong bowel-evacuating herbs may irritate the colon and repeated colonics can wash away valuable friendly bacteria. With digestion improved, Flor • Essence® keeps food from fermenting in the intestinal tract and from becoming a source of toxins. The results are healthier, toxin-free cells, improved digestion, optimal health and vibrant energy.

When to detoxify

It is recommended that you complete at least a one-month detoxification program with Flor • Essence® every six months to maintain good health. However, if you are not in good health, are low in energy, or currently find that you fit into one of the stages of disease, it is important to remain on a cleansing and detoxification program until health has returned, energy levels have increased, and you no longer feel any physical symptoms associated with these stages.

flor•essence supported by science

Flor • Essence® is based on a traditional eight herb formula which has been used for over 100 years by patients worldwide to treat a variety of chronic conditions.

Research has shown that even those undergoing conventional medical treatments demonstrate many positive results with this tea. The formula possesses numerous healing components including trace elements, vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, anti-oxidants and other active substances. A literature review conducted by the University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research (UT-CAM) identified 107 references on the principal herbs used in Flor • Essence®. Participants in the University of Texas survey reported feeling and coping better, increased energy and reduced symptoms after treatment with Flor • Essence®. (iii) Recent clinical research conducted with the Russian Ministry of Health revealed that Flor • Essence® helps boost the immune system and is an effective treatment for chronic gastrointestinal ailments. (iv) a study conducted by the University of British Columbia in Canada found Flor • Essence® to possess powerful antioxidant properties. For example, one molecule of vitamin c or vitamin e destroys one free radical, whereas one molecule of Flor • Essence® destroys 14 free radicals.


Burdock root (Aretium lappa), sheep sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella), slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra), watercress herb (Nasturtium officinale), Turkish rhubarb root (Rheumpalmatum), kelp (Lam maria digitata), blessed thistle herb (Onicus benedictus)*, red clover blossom

Suggested Use

Take on its own or as a tea by diluting the amount listed below with an equal or double amount of hot or cold water. Use spring or distilled water when preparing. Sip slowly. Adults: Take 2 oz. Of Flor • Essence® twice daily. Children: (4 and up): Give 1 oz. Of Flor • Essence® twice daily. Note: Take on an empty stomach, 1/2 hour before any meal, and at bedtime.

Does Not Contain

Caffeine, preservatives, or colorants


Keep out of the reach of children. Please store this package in a dry place. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 weeks. Flor • Essence® can be safely taken during chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

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