Pet Odor Eliminator 9 Ounces

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Pet Odor Eliminator 9 Ounces


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Pet odor a problem? Use Purrfectly Fresh for your pet odor removal needs.

Did you know…

Purrfectly Fresh is 100% unique. No other product on the market is completely comprised of powerful, industrial strength carbon crystals.

Purrfectly Fresh is 100% natural. No chemicals go into making Purrfectly Fresh - its activated carbon crystals are all-natural and environmentally friendly.

Purrfectly Fresh is 100% safe. Activated carbon is so safe; it is commonly used in hospitals as an antidote for poison. Purrfectly Fresh is entirely non-toxic and chemical-free.

Purrfectly Fresh is 100% scentless. Did you know that pets have better senses of smell than humans? Your pets will certainly notice that Purrfectly Fresh has no odor. While other products try to mask odors, Purrfectly Fresh actually sucks odor out of the air and eliminates it.

Purrfectly Fresh is 99+% dust-free. Did you know that many pets are bothered by dust? Sprays and powders may remain airborne minutes after application, which can be inhaled by pets (and humans). Purrfectly Fresh is 99+% dust-free, so there's no worry about accidental inhalation.

Purrfectly Fresh is 100% effective. Purrfectly Fresh is made of the most powerful odor eliminator known to science. Nothing else even comes close.

101 uses:

One of the best things about Purrfectly Fresh is that it can be used anywhere that odors are a problem. It can be used in homes or autos, and because it is non-toxic, it is completely safe to use around pets and children. It even removes household odors, like smoke, food odors and nursery odors. It can be placed in garbage cans to remove refuse odors. Whether it's being used to remove odors from a specific area or from an entire room, you'll notice the difference that Purrfectly Fresh makes. From kitty litter to car upholstery, pet odor elimination has never been easier.

Our 9 oz. recloseable pouch is just the right size for a single-pet household's odor control. The convenience pack is big enough for most single-pet needs, but is still small enough to keep handy.

Suggested Use

Purrfectly Fresh is a pet odor eliminator unlike anything you've seen or used before. While many other pet odor control products need to be directly applied to the source of the odor, Purrfectly Fresh's unique and powerful activated carbon crystals suck odors out of the air and quickly absorb them like a super absorbent sponge. To maximize the effectiveness of Purrfectly Fresh, it should be placed as close to the odor as possible. Purrfectly Fresh is perfect for eliminating unusually strong pet odors. Use Purrfectly Fresh with complete confidence for: Cats: When added to cat litter, Purrfectly Fresh effectively doubles the life of the litter. One 40 oz. Package of Purrfectly Fresh can completely eliminate cat urine odors from 75 lbs. Of litter, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in yearly litter costs while keeping the litter pan and everything around it smelling fresh. Just sprinkle 1/2 cup to 1 cup into your cat's litter to keep it smelling fresh. Dogs: Odor, including troublesome “wet dog smells,” can be erased from bedding, furniture, car upholstery or anywhere else without using detergents or chemicals. Purrfectly Fresh is also a great way to control dog odor in kennels, doghouses, and anywhere else that dog odor collects. Simply sprinkle 1/2 cup to 1 cup into a container. Place the container near the dog's bed (or inside the doghouse/kennel) to eliminate dog odors. Small Pets: Purrfectly Fresh can remove pet odors for up to three months when mixed in with or placed underneath bedding, cat litter or gravel. For birds, a layer of Purrfectly Fresh placed beneath the cage lining can keep cages smelling fresh and clean between cleanings. A layer of Purrfectly Fresh beneath bedding can remove odor from the habitats of rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets, or any other small pet. Mix 1/2 cup into cage bedding (or place on bottom layer of bedding or liner) to keep the habitat smelling fresh. Reptiles: Purrfectly Fresh keeps terrariums and habitats smelling fresh between cleanings, and eliminates lingering food odors. Mix 1/2 cup to 1 cup in with rocks (or place underneath terrarium/aquarium liner) to eliminate pet odors and extend the period in between cleanings. Fish: When placed around the aquarium, Purrfectly Fresh absorbs the smell of algae and stagnant water; leaving only the smell of fresh, clean air. During cleanings, Purrfectly Fresh can remove residual smells from dry tanks and lids. Sprinkle 1/2 cup to one cup into a container and place it near the aquarium (tank) to eliminate algae and food odors. Pet Accidents: Clean up the accident first, and allow the affected area to dry thoroughly. Sprinkle 1 cup into an open or vented container and place it next to the odor source. Wait 24 to 48 hours for the odor to be eliminated. Unusually strong pet odors may require up to one week before the area is 100 percent odor-free.

Does Not Contain

Note: Purrfectly Fresh should not be used on carpets.

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