Zong Gan Ling 90 Tablets (750mg)

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Zong Gan Ling 90 Tablets (750mg)

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Other Ingredients

Kudzu Root also known as Ge Gen or Radix Puerariae Clears Heat, Releases the Muscles, Nourishes Fluids, Major Known ingredients: puerarin, puerarin-xyloside, daidzein, daidzin B-sitosterol, arachidic acid Hairy Holly Root also known as Mao Tung Ching or Radix Illicis Pubescentis Clears toxic Heat, Invigorates Blood Major known ingredients: flavonoid glycosides, triterpenoids, tannin, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid Vervain also known as Herb of the Cross or Ma Pien Tsao or Herba Verbenae Clears Heat, Disperses Blood Major known ingredients: hastatoside, verbanalin, verbenin Woad Root, known as Indigo, Ban Lan Gen or Radix Isatidis Quells Heat, Detoxifies Fire Poison, Benefits the Throat Major known ingredients: indoxyl-B-glucoside, B-sitosterol, isatin, arginine, glutamine, proline, tyrosine Wormwood Plant known as Qing Hao or Herba Artemisae Clears Heat, Cools Blood, Clears Deficiency Fever, Clears Summer Heat Major known ingredients: abrotamine, B-bourbonene, farnesyl acetate, caryophyllene, B-humulene, , artemesia ketone, vitamin a Gypsum known as Shi Gao or Gypsum Fibrosum Quells Fire, Clears Heat, Clears Stomach Fire rising to the Head Major known ingredients: calcium sulfate, calcium oxide Notopterygi known as Qiang Huo or Radix & Rhizome Notopterygium incisium Releases the Exterior, Disperses Cold and Dampness, Alleviates Pain, Directs Herbs Upward Major known ingredients: angelical, osthol, glabra lactone, bergaptin

Suggested Use

Adults: Take three to six pills at a time, every four hours. If symptoms persist, see a licensed health care provider. Children: Use one tablet for each 30 lbs. Of body weight. Crush and mix with food. If your physician is unfamiliar with these herbs, licensed acupuncturists are health care providers who are often informed about Chinese herbs.

Does Not Contain

Unlike Zhong Gan Ling imported from China, Dr. Shen's Zong Gan Ling contains no drugs, dyes, pharmaceuticals, animal products, or unlisted ingredients. Each tablet contains a generous amount (750 mgs. ) of premium grade wildcrafted herbs. Each tablet is also coated with natural food glaze and shaped for easy swallowing


Though normally considered safe for everyone, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their health care provider before taking any medicine.

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving%DV
Kudzu Root0g*
*Daily Value (DV) not established.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 review)
  • 12/30/2011

If I take this right at the first moment that it crosses my mind that I might be coming down with something and keep it up for a few days it can really keep me from getting sick. Has worked many times and also works for my mom, dad and co-workers. I do have to get sleep and take care of myself--I mean it's not a free pass to take the tablets and ignore the warning signs of my body under stress. That said, it's the best cold preventative I've ever taken. Ever.

I buy it ahead of time because when I start to feel like maybe I'd better take some, I need to have it on hand. If I have to order it then, the delay will mean the Zong Gan Ling doesn't work nearly as well....

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