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Plantiva is the result of years of dedication by doctors of western medicine, Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, molecular biology, pharmacology, specialists in plant cultivation, extraction processing, phytochemical analysis, and standard setting quality assurance programs who are dedicated to bringing you what we believe are breakthrough natural health products. We've taken many years and substantial investments by many people to scientifically substantiate the safety and significant health benefits of our botanical formulas. The products Plantiva is offering have shown benefits in clinical, laboratory and/or scientific studies in ways that are well beyond the norm for dietary supplement products. We hope you will experience the support Plantiva products have given us, our families, our friends and our customers.

Our first product offerings, Aller Dx and Immune Dx, have been in regular use by our friends and families for many years. We hope you will have the same positive experience with these products as we have had.

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Immune Dx 41% off retail $2.35 Plantiva
Immune Dx 8 Capsules
4 Servings
Vira Dx 8% off retail $20.18 Plantiva
Vira Dx
60 Servings