Peaceful Mountain

Klearsen Corporation and the Peaceful Mountain Product line were born with the belief that many common problems could be helped with the powerful herbs and elements supplied by nature. It is our goal to construct products that are natural, holistic, and formulated for specific circumstances.

These health care solutions were specifically crafted to honor and support the body in its wisdom to heal, while providing appropriate delivery mechanisms and convenience to the users. As the tradition continues, rigorous scientific testing is the ultimate authority regarding the release of these solutions as Peaceful Mountain products. Only products that offer superior performance or fill a pressing need are brought to the market.

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Back and Neck Rescue Gel 40% off retail $8.06 Peaceful Mountain
Back and Neck Rescue Gel 3.50 Ounces
Cold Sore Rescue Gel . 40% off retail $6.53 Peaceful Mountain
Cold Sore Rescue Gel . 0.27 Ounces
Eczema Rescue Topical Cream 43% off retail $9.05 Peaceful Mountain
Eczema Rescue Topical Cream 1 Ounces
Stomach Rescue 49% off retail $6.40 Peaceful Mountain
Stomach Rescue 4 Ounces
Tendon Rescue Gel 5.00 (1 reviews) 40% off retail $8.05 Peaceful Mountain
Tendon Rescue Gel 3.50 Ounces
Throat Rescue 48% off retail $8.02 Peaceful Mountain
Throat Rescue 2 Ounces