Morinda Root

Morinda Root (Morinda citrifolia) is also commonly known as Noni. Morinda is a member of the Rubiaceae family. It can be found in Malaysia and Australia although it is making its way to parts of Asia, China, and India. The applicable parts of morinda are the fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots. Morinda contains potassium, vitamin C, beta-sitosterol, carotene, vitamin A, flavone glycosides, linoleic acid, capric acid, ursolic acid, rutin, and other constituents. Morinda has a pungent, sweet taste.

Morinda had two main functions in traditional Chinese medicine; to aid the kidney and to strenghten the bones and tendons. Morinda has demonstrated antibacterial, antiviral, antihelmintic, analgesic, immunological activity. It has been used for colic, cough, feverl, stimulating menstrual flow, nausea, swelling, colds, digestive problems, and gastric ulcers.

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Cautions There have been no reported adverse reactions associated with morinda root.