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Curcumin C3 Complex is a standardized extract of Curcuma longa root, commonly known as turmeric. Turmeric is a yellow spice used in curried dishes. In the Far East, turmeric is valued for more than just its culinary applications; turmeric is named in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal texts as a traditional folk remedy. Historically, turmeric was used externally for wounds and sprains, and internally to promote digestive wellness, joint health, liver function, and to support the immune system.

The active ingredients in turmeric are a group of plant substances called curcuminoids. Known collectively as ???Curcumin,??? curcuminoids have demonstrated potent antioxidant properties in scientific studies. Curcuminoids benefit joints and other tissues by helping to neutralize free radicals. Curcuminoids are responsible for turmeric???s distinctive yellow color. Although the term ???Curcumin??? is used as a name for curcuminoids, ???pure??? curcumin is just one curcuminoid.

Curcumin C3 Complex?? supplies 95% total curcuminoids, including ???pure??? curcumin, bisdemethoxy curcumin and demethoxy curcumin.

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