Graviola leaf & stem (soursop)

Graviola (soursop) Annona macrocarpa is small evergreen tree. Graviola (soursop) is found in warm tropical areas inclued North and South America as well as the Amazon. The trea bears a large heart shaped fruit that is edible.

Graviola (soursop) has long been used in herbal medine. Annonaceous acetogenins is found in the graviola's leaf stem and bark.

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Special Considerations The therapeutic dosage is reported to be 2 grams three times daily in capsules or tablets

Cautions Graviola with long term use may result in a die of of friendly bacteria. Supplementation with probiotics is suggest if used for longer than 30 days. Graviola may cause nasea or vomiting. Graviola is contradicted in combination with CoQ10. Do not use during pr;egnancy or breast feeding. Graviola may be a vasodilator so pepole with low blood pressure should check with doctor before taking graviola and monitor their blood pressure.