Tamanu Oil

The South Pacific Republic of Vanuatu is the home of a botanical treasure known as the tamanu tree. Traditionally, natives hand-gathered the fruit of only the coastal tamanu trees, for those fruits yielded the highest quality of oil. Following traditional practice, to make True Tamanu, the nuts inside the coastal fruits are hand-cracked, and the nut kernels are sun-dried until golden brown. The nut kernels are cold-pressed, without heat or chemicals of any kind. The resulting pure True Tamanu oil is rich, dark green, luxurious and considered the finest tamanu oil in the world.

Nature's Miracle Skin Oil As early as 1918, French researchers investigated the unique topical benefits of tamanu oil. Traditionally, the oil has been used by Pacific islanders on cuts, sores, burns, blemishes, rashes, bites and stings. The oil of tamanu contains three basic classes of lipids: neutral lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipids. The oil also contains a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid. Its lush scent and rapid penetration leave your skin radiant, glowing, soft and oil-free.

Promoting Sustainability The collection of True Tamanu fruits helps to keep Pacific island coastal areas pristine. The preparation of True Tamanu provides income for native people and helps them to maintain an agricultural society. True Tamanu is a beneficial oil of unsurpassed quality, and contributes directly to environmental and cultural sustainability.

True Tamanu is brought to you by New Chapter and Chris Kilham. Chris Kilham is respected worldwide as the Medicine Hunter. He explores the world discovering the healing gifts of traditional herbal medicine. He is the author of Tales from the Medicine Trail and Psyche Delicacies and teaches ethnobotany at U Mass, Amherst.

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