Yielding 40% Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is a fat-soluble phospholipid that has the ability to occur naturally in the body; however, more commonly, it is received through the diet. It is found most abundantly in the brain and acts with many neuronal functions. Phosphatidylserine is involved in internal cell maintenance, signal transduction, cell to cell communications, cell growth regulation, and more. Phosphatidylserine is also an element of the mitochondria membrane.

There have been no recorded interactions between phosphatidylserine and other drugs/supplements.

The majority of people have positive experiences taking phosphatidylserine, especially when following the recommended dosage. However, large doses (above 300 mg per day) of phosphatidylserine can cause nausea, insomnia, and indigestion.

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