Pfaffa Paniculata

Suma (Pfaffia paniculata) is also known as Brazilian Ginseng. It is a member of the Amaranthaceae family. Suma is a shrub that grows in the Amazon Basin of Brazil in iron rich soil. Suma is rich in germanium, magnesium, and iron. The applicable parts of suma are the root and bark. Suma has been found to contain pfaffic acid, a nortriterpene, saponin derivitives pfaffosiges A through F and an ethanolic extract. Suma has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Suma also contains allantoin, sitosterol, and stipmasterol. These chemicals protect the immune system, promote new cell growth and the healing of wounds. They also help metabolism by increasing heart circulation and decreasing cholesterol. Suma also has the ability to enhance estrogen as needed.

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Cautions Powdered suma root can cause occupational asthma during industrial exposure to the root powder.