Paprika (Capiscum annuum) is from the Solanaceae family. Paprika is a native plant to South America although, paprika varieties have adapted to growing in the cooler climate. Hungary, Spain, southern California, and South America are the largest producers of paprika. Paprika is a fine powder ground from certain varieties of Capsicum annuum, or mild red peppers, which vary in size and shape. The taste ranges from sweet and mild to pungent and fiery. Paprika is commonly found in the spice cabinet of kitchens throughout the world for cooking, seasoning, and baking, or as a garnish. Paprika is a good source of beta carotene. It also contains vitamin C however, the drying process that paprika goes through deteriorates the vitamin. Capsicum is considered the active constituent of red peppers. Capsicum can act as an antioxidant and for pain relief.

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