Wu Wei Zi Extract

Wu Wei Z (Schisandra chinensis) is commonly used in Chinese medicine, where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. It is used as a tonic and restorative, helping in stressful times and increasing zest for life. It is said to be a tonic for both the male and the female sex organs. The fruit contains lignans. The fruit is antitussive, aphrodisiac, hepatic, astringent, cardiotonic, cholagogue, expectorant, hypotensive, lenitive, nervine, pectoral, sedative, stimulant and tonic. Low doses of the fruit are said to stimulate the central nervous system whilst large doses depress it. The fruit also regulates the cardiovascular system. It is taken internally in the treatment of dry coughs, asthma, night sweats, urinary disorders, involuntary ejaculation, chronic diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, hyperacidity, hepatitis and diabetes. Externally, it is used to treat irritating and allergic skin conditions. The fruit is harvested after the first frosts and sun-dried for later use. The plant is antirheumatic. A mucilaginous decoction obtained from the branches is useful in the treatment of coughs, dysentery and gonorrhoea.

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