Phyllanthus (Phyllanthus niruri) grows in India, China, and tropical regions ranging from the Philippines to Cuba. Other names for phyllanthus are Bahupatra and stonebreaker, due to its strong roots. When the plant blooms, it is an array of yellow flowers. Phyllanthus is used medicinially as a diuretic and an astringent. It may also help decrease the amount of hepatitis B virus in the bloodstream by blocking the enzyme that creates it. The whole plant or its aerial parts is used for many remedies, mostly biliary and urinary. Phyllanthus is used for infections, cell protective properties, and as an antispasmodic. There are several forms of phyllanthus including phyllanthus urinara and phyllanthus amarus. Each form is closely related and has similar effects on the body however, phyllanthus urinara is said to be more effective.

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Cautions There have been no reported adverse reactions associated with phyllanthus.