Neem Leaf

Neem (Antelaea azadirachta/Azadirachta indica) is indigenous to the woods of India and Sri Lanka, although it can noe be found in other tropical regions such as Indonesia, Australia, and western Africa. It is a deciduous tree with small white flowers. Neem has no smell but does have a bitter taste. The applicable parts of neem are the bark, leaves, branches, and seeds. Neem leaves contain gedunin and nimbolide. Other constituents of neem are tannin and oil, glycerides, and the bitter componenets nimbin, nimbinin, and nimbidol. Neem has shown antibacterial, antimalarial, and antimicrobial activities. Orally, neem is often used for anti-inflammatory properties, respiratory conditions, and infectious diseases. The leaves may also be effective for diabetes, ulcers, and gingivitis.

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Cautions Keep out of reach of children as Neem may cause severe poisoning to small children.