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Nugo Nutrition

We could say the genesis of NuGo (Nutrition to Go) bars came to us in a brilliantly creative and inspired moment. But the truth is much different. It took lots of hard work and dedicated people to develop, manufacture and distribute the best tasting nutrition bars on the market.

As the story goes, two young men (then in their late 20’s) became interested in running as a means to keep fit both in body and mind. Add to that scenario the fact that one of the two originators had always been a little chubby as a teen and wanted to enjoy a snack that was both healthy and nutritious. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find one he liked on the market.

Working, first, in their respective kitchens and using only natural ingredients ( both great cooks), we came up with several recipes. Enlisting the help of family and friends as taste testers and ultimately the services of a food and nutrition specialist, the first NuGo bar emerged.

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Go Free Bar Carrot Cake (12 Bars) 34% off retail $14.25 $1.00 Shipping Fee Nugo Nutrition
Go Free Bar Carrot Cake 45 Grams
1 Servings