Naturally by Upper Canada is the longest standing brand in the Upper Canada Soap portfolio. Developed in the 1970's, Naturally has always been the brand to deliver a fresh and natural product, made from only the freshest and finest ingredients, at reasonable price points. Although Naturally has changed its look over the years, the basic premise has not changed.

This year Naturally has undergone a significant change! Along with a brand new look, new componentry and an updated lineup of fragrances, there has been a substantial change to the Naturally ingredients deck: Naturally is now made with all-natural ingredients! This means that consumers can enjoy the same great formulations, the same fresh and true fragrances, the same great counter appeal, and the same value-driven price points - but now feel even better about what they are putting on their bodies.

Naturally's Brand Proposition:

What's good for you on the inside is good for you on the outside too.

This is a botanical based line of products formulated with no parabens, no mineral oils, no Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and no synthetic dyes. Formulations are made using a combination of botanical extracts, all-natural ingredients, oils and mineral complexes purposely chosen for their known benefits to the skin.

Nourishment for your body and soul! Naturally is a fully encompassing healthy experience - from formulation to packaging... it is made with all-natural ingredients that provide restorative properties to nourish your skin.

Naturally is free of parabens, SLS, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. It is packaged in beautiful tinted bottles to accentuate brand positioning and address the lack of dyes (as formulations may change in color slightly over time, due to no dyes or synthetic preservatives). But what is even more important is that the products looks great, smell fresh and energizing and feel terrific on the skin.