Namu Baru

Namu Baru Inc. was inspired by living & working in Asia. Surrounded by traditional art & intricate ceramics we developed a deep appreciation for Korean artistry. In 1997, we began hand-picking Korean cultural products not represented in the North American market. We have done this by working with our artisans in Korea to create fresh and unique products.

We have taken this love of Korean tea ware and are developing the most unique and comprehensive line of tea ware in North America. So, we went to where tea began… China, and now carry traditional Chinese teacups and teapots made by artists and companies we love working with.

All the items that we carry are made by hand, with either designs etched by hand in the case of the Korean Infuser Teacups, or designs hand painted on the outside of the teapots & teacups from China. This gives them a warm, unique feel that people all over the world have treasured. The ceramics are made with natural ingredients, such as clay, soil, stone, tree ash, and other plant materials. They are all lead-free and fired at over 1200 degrees Celsius. All the designs and glazes are done by hand.

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