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Committed to the Environment, and to Your Satisfaction - Founded by early pioneers in biodegradable cleaners, Life Tree was the first company in the U.S. to bring consumers a complete line of natural, biodegradable household cleaning products. In a world of compromise, Life Tree has always been distinguished by its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Made to perform as well (or better) that the mass-market alternatives, we stand behind all Life Tree products, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Some of the things that make us different:

Extremely High Concentrations - In some cases 4 times as concentrated as competitive products. Higher concentrations mean cost-savings and less packaging being discarded into the waste stream.

Essential Oil Fragrances - Most of our products are made with pure essential oils that not only smell great, but also have secondary benefits.

All Life Tree products are formulated to biodegrade quickly and completely. They contain no phosphates, chlorine, artificial colors or other environmentally harmful ingredients.

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All-Purpose Spray Cleaner 24 Ounces
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Dish Soap Citrus Fresh 32 Ounces