Lesser Evil

To us, snacks are a really good thing. They can satisfy a hunger, delight the senses, give us a break in the day, provide nutrition and even induce a smile. Very good stuff indeed. Of course, there are plenty of things out there that give snacks a bad name, therefore one must walk through the world of snacks with caution. So choose a snack made from ingredients you recognize. Remember, too much of anything is usually not a good thing (especially things like calories, fats, cholesterol and sodium). Keep it natural and snack on things that have great taste and texture. If you have a craving to snack on fruits or vegetables, do it – they are the healthiest snacks to choose from. If you crave something different, make sure you choose the LesserEvil. While our snacks are certainly not baby carrots and broccoli, they are all natural, real foods with nothing artificial (nada! zip! zero!).

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Krinkle Sticks Classic SeaSalt 5 Ounces
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