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Joi Organics

Cherish the Body and Health of You and Your Partner!

Comfortable luxurious feel

Certified organic botanical ingredients

No parabens or glycol

Water based & non staining

No artificial flavours or scents

Safe with latex condoms & silicon toys

Long lasting glide and lubrication

Utilizing today’s technology and certified organic botanicals, Joi organic intimacy has been able to develop a diverse and unique line of intimacy products. Our natural water based products that are suitable for sexually active people and are safe for pregnant women.

Why is a natural and organic intimacy important? Research suggests that we absorb up to 70% of the chemicals used in personal care products into our bodies. The vast majority of personal lubricants utilize harmful chemicals not originally designed for personal care products which often can cause allergic reactions and possibly other health problems. It makes sense to use intimate products that are clean, and safe. Joi organic intimacy products use no propylene glycol, parabens, and polyethylene glycol/PEG all of which are carcinogenic. Instead we use ingredients such as aloe vera, which helps protect the mucus membrane and promote healing, plant oils and gums that add glide and a velvety feel.

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