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Herbatint is a revolutionary herbal-based hair coloring system that contains no ammonia. Herbatint does not have that typical hair dye smell and is permanent. Herbatint gently colours and protects the sensitive structure of your hair, giving a deep natural gloss and brilliance. Herbatint comes in a variety of colors to fulfill your needs.

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Normalizing Shampoo 22% off retail $10.10 Herbatint
Normalizing Shampoo 8.79 Ounces
Shampoo Chamomile 34% off retail $7.97 Herbatint
Shampoo Chamomile 6.80 Ounces
Shampoo Luminous 8% off retail $10.98 Herbatint
Shampoo Luminous 6.80 Ounces
Shampoo Normalizing 8% off retail $10.98 Herbatint
Shampoo Normalizing 6.80 Ounces