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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm is an extensive line of herbal tinctures, capsules, and salves. Herb Pharm takes pride in using the highest quality natural herbal ingredients in their single herb and compound formulas. Herb Pharm has a selection of sizes to fulfill your individual needs. Herb Pharm recognizes the importance of having a well-balance supply of herbs in the body to promote proper functioning and good health. Explore Herb Pharm to find your favorite herbs today!

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Andrographis Extract 20% off retail $10.40 Herb Pharm
Andrographis Extract 1 Ounces
Propolis/Echinacea Throat Spray 20% off retail $10.40 Herb Pharm
Propolis/Echinacea Throat Spray 1 Ounces
Rhodiola Extract 20% off retail $10.40 Herb Pharm
Rhodiola Extract 1 Ounces
Thyroid Lifter (formerly Nettle/Bladderwrack Compound) 20% off retail $10.40 Herb Pharm
Thyroid Lifter 1 Ounces