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Giovanni Hair Care takes pride in their extensive line of hair products made exclusively from vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins, and nutrients. Giovanni Hair Care replenished and nourishes the hair, bringing out the natural shine and beauty. Giovanni Hair Care includes shapoos, conditioners, and styling products. Giovanni Hair Care is a natural line dedicated to bringing you the best natural hair care products to rejuvinate your hair.

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Frizz Be Gone Balm 41% off retail $5.31 Giovanni
Frizz Be Gone Balm 2 Ounces
L.A. Hold Hair Spray 39% off retail $5.52 Giovanni
L.A. Hold Hair Spray 5 Ounces
L.A. Natural Styling Gel 41% off retail $5.30 Giovanni
L.A. Natural Styling Gel 6.80 Ounces
Magnetic Gel 21% off retail $7.08 Giovanni
Magnetic Gel 6.80 Ounces
More Body Hair Thickener 41% off retail $5.25 Giovanni
More Body Hair Thickener 6.80 Ounces
Shine of the Times Finishing Mist 41% off retail $5.33 Giovanni
Shine of the Times Finishing Mist 4 Ounces
Straight Fast Straightening Elixir 37% off retail $6.87 Giovanni
Straight Fast Straightening Elixir 6.80 Ounces
Ultra Sleek Hair Styling Wax 41% off retail $5.33 Giovanni
Ultra Sleek Hair Styling Wax 2 Ounces
Vitapro Fusion 5.00 (1 reviews) 26% off retail $5.95 Giovanni
Vitapro Fusion 5.10 Ounces
Wicked Wax Styling Pomade 40% off retail $6.00 Giovanni
Wicked Wax Styling Pomade 2 Ounces