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Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave is a revolutionary new line of products that naturally eliminates odors. No masking fragrances. No harsh chemicals. Fresh Wave is ideal for odor from tobacco smoke as well as pet, kitchen, bath and other household odors.

OMI Industries is the company behind Fresh Wave. OMI has been working for decades to solve odor problems. OMI Industries' innovative product, and Fresh Wave’s active ingredient, Ecosorb, is used around the world to control a full spectrum of malodors and emissions, eliminating the need for multiple odor control products.

Ecosorb consists of natural, organic compounds and food grade compounds formulated from essential oils and food grade surfactants. Ecosorb is the only odor control chemistry that has extensive research behind it—proving its effectiveness on both inorganic and organic odors in many applications. It has been proven safe for people, animals and the environment.

Bring home the odor control product that the world’s most odorous industries have relied on for years. Bring home Fresh Wave and say “good-bye” to the strongest of household odors.

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Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals 5.00 (1 reviews) $14.99 Fresh Wave
Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals 16 Ounces
Fresh Wave Spray $9.99 Fresh Wave
Fresh Wave Spray 8 Ounces
Fresh Wave Super Gel $39.99 $1.50 Shipping Fee Fresh Wave
Fresh Wave Super Gel 4 Pounds