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Emerita is from the Latin word for "honored woman," and perfectly sums up the Emerita mission: to help improve the health and lives of women. Emerita offers a selection of women's products that promote good health and performance. Emerita has menopause and menstrual products as well as lubricants and creams. Emerita uses on the finest ingredients to promote the natural beauty of your body.

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Natural Lubricant 43% off retail $6.19 Emerita
Natural Lubricant 2 Ounces
Personal Moisturizer 45% off retail $9.87 Emerita
Personal Moisturizer 4 Ounces
Pro-Gest-Natural Progesterone Cream 5.00 (1 reviews) 39% off retail $19.02 Emerita
Pro-Gest-Natural Progesterone Cream 48 Packets