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For over 35 years, DaVinci® Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation from our home state of Vermont. Our dedication to higher integrity, and insistence on superior quality are a reflection of Vermont values. We are a family-owned and managed company and are always willing to assist you in any way possible on matters relating to nutrition. Every day, DaVinci® continues to set new standards for quality and product innovation so we can keep you as healthy and informed as possible.

Raw materials used in DaVinci products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels. Each lot of tablets or capsules is carefully assayed to be sure they meet our product specifications. These assays are available upon request.

We’re one of the few companies to offer you truth in labeling. We know you’re honest with your patients, so we’ll be honest with you. Pledging total truth in labeling means our family of products contain only the purest and most potent ingredients. Guaranteed.

Our research focuses on the complex relationships that exist among nutrients and the latest advancements in nutrition therapies to develop and produce some of the most significant products available to Holistic Practitioners. DaVinci Laboratories’ extensive research into the exciting properties of N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) has been unparalleled. Our company has been awarded four patents for DMG’s beneficial effect in the areas of immune response and cell support. Our Research and Development Department is under the direction of a Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemist.

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Coenzyme Q10 (10 mg) $12.00 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 100 Capsules
100 Servings
Coenzyme Q10 (100 mg) $51.20 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 60 Tablets
60 Servings
Coenzyme Q10 (100mg) Chew Melt $55.60 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 Chew Melt 60 Chewable Tablets
60 Servings
Coenzyme Q10 (30 mg) $19.60 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 60 Capsules
60 Servings
Coenzyme Q10 (50 mg) $15.60 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 30 Tablets
30 Servings
Coenzyme Q10 (50 mg) $28.00 Davinci Labs
Coenzyme Q10 60 Tablets
60 Servings
CoQsol 100mg $42.80 Davinci Labs
CoQsol 100mg 30 Softgels
30 Servings
CoQsol 30mg $28.00 Davinci Labs
CoQsol 30mg 60 Softgels
60 Servings
Spectra Oranges $45.60 Davinci Labs
Spectra Oranges 300 Grams
30 Servings
Ubiquinol 100 mg $68.80 Davinci Labs
Ubiquinol 100 mg 60 Softgels
Ubiquinol 100mg $37.20 Davinci Labs
Ubiquinol 100mg 30 Softgels