Gut Bacteria Related to Health

Gut bacteria

Gut microbiota, probiotics and diabetes.

Psychobiotics can feed gut-brain health axis: ‘It’s really an exciting frontier,’ says professor

In this first article published in Nutrition Journal the authors discuss how our intestinal flora media related to development and prognosis of diabetes. Probiotics may help to reduce the inflammatory response as well is oxidative stress. They may also reduce intestinal permeability, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce autoimmune reactions.

The second article has a link to recording by Prof. John Cryan talking about psychobiotics is an exciting new field that may be helpful in treating certain mental disorders listen to Prof. John Cryan talk about this field.

As far as natural products go, I feel probiotics will show the greatest growth and expansion over the next decade. A great deal of research is currently being conducted and probiotics are being found to be beneficial in a variety of different medical conditions.

Growing in maintaining a healthy intestinal flora is essential to your health. Studies have found that antibiotics increase the risk of cancer. With so much depending on having healthy bacteria, it is important to not take antibiotics indiscriminately.

Eating a diet rich in natural fibers from vegetables and fruits will help you grow healthy bacteria in your gut.





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