Cashew Cream

Cashew makes the most delicious non-dairy replacement for cream and is so easy and delicious to make. It can be used to replace cream in many recipes or as a replacement for whipped cream in deserts.


  • 2 cups of whole cashews (soak cashews at least for 2 hours or overnight in cold water in the fridge.
  • Almond milk (water, coconut milk) I like coconut often times when making cream for dessert.

Drain the cashews and put in blender (high-speed blender is preferable). Cover with almond milk to top of cashews or a bit higher (the higher the level of milk the thinner the cream will be, it is easier to start with less then add more when needed). The less milk you use the thicker the cream will be. Blend on high for a couple of minutes until cream is very smooth. If not using high-speed blender run the cream through fine strainer to remove larger pieces.
For dessert add honey and vanilla extract to taste and serve in place of whipped cream.



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