Ginseng Warning

Manic Psychosis Associated With Ginseng: A Report of Two Cases and Discussion of the Literature.

This case report discusses the fact that ginseng may be associated with a manic episode. Most people are aware that ginseng adds energy. Given this fact, people with manic-depressive disorder should consider not using ginseng.

However is important to note that the amounts of ginseng used by the patients in the case studies were above the normal level. In the natural health field, more is not always better. In fact, more is rarely better. Many times, I see the most effective herbs are the wild crafted herbs that have not been concentrated.

Oftentimes herbs work much better when they are discontinued  for a time. Your liver will get used to metabolizing the active components of the herbs and over time, they can lose their effectiveness.

Do not abuse herbs and keep to the recommended dose. If you notice any side effects, discontinue their use immediately.



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