Wild Indigo as Your Cold Fighter

Can Wild Indigo Keep You Cold-Free?

woman cold and flu


Each year, about one billion cases of the common cold affect adults and children in the United States. To boost their defense against cold-related sneezing, sniffling, cough, and congestion, some people turn an herbal remedy known as wild indigo. Available in supplement form, wild indigo is known to contain arabinogalactans, a type of compound that may help stimulate your immune system. Although research on the health effects of wild indigo is limited, some preliminary studies suggest that it may possess immune-enhancing properties. For example, a report published in the journal Advances in Therapy determined that wild indigo may help improve immune function when taken in combination with echinacea and white cedar leaf tips.

Find out more info here: http://altmedicine.about.com/b/2014/03/13/can-wild-indigo-keep-you-cold-free.htm

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