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Lavender is one of the most adaptable essential oils for creating aromatherapy blends or fragrances. It adapts well to rich floral oils like rose otto or strong herbaceous oils like camphoraceous rosemary. The aromatherapy benefits of lavender are equally adaptable. The addition of lavender can make a rich, sedative, floral blend more refreshing and uplifting, and it can make an invigorating, herbaceous blend more soothing.

Lavender Balancing Aromatherapy Blend

Use this bath salt blend to find balance at the end of your day.

7 drops lavender essential oil
7 drops bergamot essential oil
1 drop patchouli essential oil
1 drop juniper berry essential oil
1 teaspoon of jojoba oil
2 ounces (1/4 cup) dry bath salt

1. Combine all ingredients.
2. Sprinkle in warm water. Let dissolve 5 minutes before entering water.

Uplifting Bath and Body Oil
With its balancing properties this versatile aromatherapy blend can be used for a luxurious bath or natural skin nourishment.

3 ounces grapeseed oil
1 ounce apricot kernel oil
9 drops geranium essential oil
9 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops lemongrass essential oil

1. Combine all ingredients.
2. Use 2 to 3 tablespoons in warm bath water. Or apply as a nourishing body oil to damp skin after showering.


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The Health Benefits of Krill Oil

It is the 21st century and it seems that many people have become health conscience. People look for vitamins to help with joint pain or to help stop memory loss. Others find the latest diet to ensure they look great and have better health. It is for this reason that many look into the Omega-3s fatty acids that have many health benefits. Most often people choose to take a supplement called Krill oil, which is a type of shrimp-like animal many whales eat. In fact, “Krill” is the Norwegian word for “whale food.”

Krill oil is most often put into a capsule that can be taken as a supplement.  Most people choose to take the Krill oil supplements because it is the most concentrated with Omega-3s. Also many people choose to take a supplement because they are unable or unwilling to eat enough fish, which is a natural source of Omega-3s.

Often times doctors will recommend that people take Krill oil when they are at risk of a stroke, blood clots, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and even painful menstrual cycles. Scientists have proven that Krill oil can help fight these diseases and ailments.

The benefits of Omega-3s have been told for many years. Many people choose to take it for joint pain and to help prevent memory loss as well as help treat some of the ailments and diseases listed above. Krill oil has been known to decrease the swelling some people experience and in some cases has helped lower blood pressure. Also many choose to take krill oil to help with brain function and help prevent memory loss. As human beings age they tend to lose their memory and not be as mentally quick as they once were. The Omega-3s in the Krill oil supplements can help fight this memory loss.

Although Krill oil is recommended to help fight the ailments and diseases above it is not the only medication or supplement you will need. You should always listen to your doctor to ensure you are being treated adequately and accurately. Many doctors will suggest you take the krill oil on a daily basis, but also prescribe medication. If you are prescribed medication for any reason you should take the medication and not just the supplement. Also you need to ensure that you tell your doctor you are taking krill oil as it can interact with different medications.

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Fish Oil Helps Brain

Detrimental Effects In The Brain Of High-Fat Diets May Be Stalled By Fish Oil

Junk foods, as well as other foods that have high fat content may have some detrimental effects on the brain. It has been said that fish oils may actually help revert these effects. While fish oils don’t seem to impact weight-loss they do seem to reduce the impact of high fat diets on the brain.

Find out more information: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/260517.php

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Fish Oil Helps Keep Us Aliver

Fish can keep us alive

A new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of Washington found that older adults may actually decrease they risk for heart diseases by increasing their intake of omega-3 fatty acids. The so called omega-3 fatty acids may be obtained from eating fish and yes, fish can keep us alive!

Learn more about how this wonder works at http://newhope360.com/breaking-news/fish-can-keep-us-alive

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Emu Oil and Irritable Bowl Disease

Emu Oil As An Alternative Treatment For Irritable Bowel Disease, Study

Emu oil in this study in Asian Scientist is thought to help irritable bowel disease as well as damage to the bowels caused by chemotherapy. The emu oil was found to help repair and recovery of the bowl. The emu oil leads to better absorption of the food following the healing process.

Read More at: http://www.asianscientist.com/health-medicine/emu-oil-alternative-treatment-irritable-bowel-disease-2013/

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DHA good for Young People’s Memory

‘Far-reaching benefits’: DHA omega-3 may boost memory for healthy young people

Great news form NutraIngredients. If I’d known this when I was young I’d have been living on fish oil daily. But it looks like DHA may not only improve memory it may also improve reaction time in younger people.

Make sure you protect your kids today and give them the benefit of taking their DHA

Source: http://mobile.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Far-reaching-benefits-DHA-omega-3-may-boost-memory-for-healthy-young-people

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DHA Makes you Smarter and Faster

DHA makes women smarter, men faster

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigated the effects of DHA on both men and women. The study suggests that DHA actually improves the brain function of young adults who lack the specific type of acid in their diet. In addition, the new study also suggests that DHA actually makes women smarter and men faster.


Learn more about DHA and its benefits from this article http://newhope360.com/breaking-news/dha-makes-women-smarter-men-faster

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Fish Oil and Heart Rate

Fish oil supplements show heart rate benefits: Meta-analysis

This article in Nutra Ingredients by Stephen Daniells discusses a meta-analysis of fish oil. The focus of the study is fish oil and its relationship to heart rate variability.

The good news from this meta-analysis was that fish oil seems to improve heart rate variability.

Read more at: http://mobile.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Fish-oil-supplements-show-heart-rate-benefits-Meta-analysis

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Fish Oil Enhances Immune System

Fish Oil May Actually Enhance The Function Of B Cells

This article in Medical News Today discusses recent research on fish oil and its effects on B Cells. B cells or lymphocytes are an essential part of the immune system.

Fish oils proved to enhance the immune system. While the research was done on rats, it could show promise for the immune compromised.

Read More At: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/258458.php

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Aromatherapy and Menstrual Pain

The Effect of Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage on Alleviating Menstrual Pain in Nursing Students: A Prospective Randomized Cross-Over Study

An interesting article in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine looks at the use of aroma therapy massage and its effect on menstrual pain. The researchers found that aroma therapy massage was much more successful that massage with plain oil alone. The massage was found to reduce not only pain but also bleeding.

Read More At: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/742421/


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