Baar Products

Baar Products is an enterprise of medically oriented individuals that are dedicated to providing a wide variety of natural health care products. The company was founded as a concept by Bruce Baar, MS, ND (candidate) in 1986 when he was required to look outside the current accepted practices to recuperate from a car accident that occurred a year earlier. Through this research he developed many products specifically designed to maintain health.

Baar Products manufactures and provides health care products including The Baar™ Wet Cell Battery, The Radiac®, Violet Ray high frequency units, mind building systems, castor oil, supplements, skin care, longevity systems, massage oils, products for research, health and wellness, meditation, rejuvenation, mental/physical/spiritual awakening, stress reduction, enhanced sleep and many other unique and unusual items.

The Hair Care, Skin Care, and Beauty Products are created with all-natural ingredients. These natural formulations are designed with care for your whole family.

The Mind/Body products are in a classification all their own. The Radiac and the Baar Battery™ are creating history. These products are sold throughout the world and their performance is documented in books like "Hope Springs Eternal" by David Atkinson.

Baar Products is the World Wide Exclusive Licensed Supplier of Edgar Cayce Products . These CayceCare™ products are formulated to the specifications of the Edgar Cayce Readings. This special collection of natural products includes tonics, liniments, beneficial oils, rejuvenating remedies, and more. All of these products are made from natural ingredients and are intended to help stimulate and support the body's own healing mechanisms. For more than sixty years people have testified to the helpfulness of these products in resolving specific health concerns and restoring the body to balance and well being.

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