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Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories

Welcome to the heart of the jungle. We offer more than 120 medicinal herbs, high quality extracts, capsules and 60 traditional compound formulations. We are dedicated to serving you by offering herbs and products which have been derived from organically certified farms or wildcrafted under our "Sustainable Harvestâ„¢" label by using forestry management permits. Each item has been validated through empirical studies and supported by research in clinics and universities around the world.

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Graviola Loose Leaf Tea 38% off retail $9.94 Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Graviola Loose Leaf Tea 1.70 Ounces
Maca Snowlands Chai 300cc 32% off retail $15.58 Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Maca Snowlands Chai 300cc 6 Ounces
Suma Jungle Chai 300cc $16.00 Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Suma Jungle Chai 300cc 3.90 Ounces