We have been manufacturing in the US since 1993, when we were known as Bright Lights Candle Company. Bright Lights was the first to introduce a new generation of scented, vegetable palm oil candles to the US market.

We are the largest U.S. manufacturer of vegetable wax candles. Our research indicates we have the broadest selection of vegetable wax products in the gift industry: tapers, tea lights, votives, and a half dozen jar candles (Chakra Jars, Highly Fragranced Deco Jars and Trip Lights, etc.). We also have the widest selection of colors, fragrances and unscented products.

Palm Wax™ Candles is really a different looking line from anything out there. With its crystallized finish, it adds a new dimension to the home market.

We are consistently rated in the top ten candle products in Giftbeat, the gift retailer survey. We are also one of the top-selling candles in natural food stores.

Aloha Bay candles are competitively priced with paraffin and soy candles, burn longer, contain higher concentrations of pure essential oil fragrances, throw more fragrance into a room, and have a lower propensity to soot.

Aloha Bay offers a safe, environmental-friendly solution to the problems caused by candle soot. Candle soot damage costs the insurance industry millions of dollars each year. Attorneys are attempting to put together a class action suit against US candle manufacturers claiming candles are made with chemicals banned in Proposition 65 and may release harmful substances into the home environment. Palm Wax™ is free of any of these petrochemicals.