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AIYA is the world’s leading Matcha green tea producer with its headquarters deep within the Aichi prefecture; Nishio city, Japan. Matcha is not only Japan's most premium tea variety, but also a major ingredient for the food and beverage industry. Since 1888, Aiya has been the global leader in producing Matcha, the principle ingredient in virtually all natural green tea flavored products. Aiya currently supplies this raw tea material to over 45%, 70% and 90% of the Japanese, North American and European markets, respectively. That’s well over one of every two natural green tea products sold in the world today.

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Blue Matcha Whisk Holder 27% off retail $6.59 Aiya
Blue Matcha Whisk Holder 1 Count
Ceremonial Matcha 5.00 (1 reviews) 41% off retail $16.91 Aiya
Ceremonial Matcha 30 Grams
Cooking Grade Matcha 40% off retail $13.78 Aiya
Cooking Grade Matcha 100 Grams
Green Matcha Whisk Holder 26% off retail $6.62 Aiya
Green Matcha Whisk Holder 1 Count
Matcha Bowl Black Pearl 55% off retail $20.49 Aiya
Matcha Bowl Black Pearl 1 Count
Matcha Bowl Deep Soil 27% off retail $26.28 Aiya
Matcha Bowl Deep Soil 1 Count
Matcha Bowl Pure White 33% off retail $26.66 Aiya
Matcha Bowl Pure White 1 Count
Matcha Hand Strainer 44% off retail $8.86 Aiya
Matcha Hand Strainer 1 Count
Matcha Scoop 28% off retail $3.60 Aiya
Matcha Scoop 1 Count
Matcha Whisk 30% off retail $11.95 Aiya
Matcha Whisk 1 Count
Organic Ceremonial Matcha 5.00 (1 reviews) 39% off retail $19.59 Aiya
Organic Ceremonial Matcha 30 Grams
Organic Cooking Grade Matcha 37% off retail $16.98 Aiya
Organic Cooking Grade Matcha 100 Grams
Premium Matcha 17% off retail $108.48 Aiya
Premium Matcha 100 Grams